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3-course menu for   36.50

You can choose from the dishes below. A 3-course menu consists of a starter or a soup, a main course and a dessert.

Appetizers 13.50

is served with bread and butter

Fish palette with various cold fish species
Gambas pil pil
Tomato carpaccio from Coeur de Boeuf tomatoes with pesto (v)
Home made cheese croquettes (v)

Soups 8

is served with bread and butter

Tomato soup (v)
Lobster soup ( price outside the menu 9.50 )
Soup of the day

Main courses 24.50

is served with potato garnish and salad
Catch of the day
Duck breast fillet with calvados sauce
Stuffed zucchini with pearl couscous and goat cheese (v)
Corn chicken with roasted pepper sauce
Steak of the week with chimichurri
Sole (if available) (surcharge 6,-)
Tournedos with jus de veau (surcharge 6,-)
Pork tenderloin with gorgonzola sauce

Dessert 7.50

Sorbet ice cream
Dame Blanche
Cheesecake with mango ice cream
Cheese board (surcharge 5,-)
Creme brûlée with vanilla ice cream
Dessert du chef

12 Hour

12 hours with meat; beef croquette, bread, fried egg, ham, cheese, salad, soup 12.50
12 hours with fish; shrimp croquette, bread, tuna salat, smoked salmon, salad, soup 14.50


We serve multigrain and cornbread from Bakkerij Breedeweg
Bread with spicy chicken ,-8
Bread with smoked salmon 9.50
Bread with goat cheese, apple and nuts 7, -
Healthy sandwich with ham and cheese 6.50
Bread with homemade tuna salad 7.50
Bread with beef carpaccio 9.50

Warm meals

Toasted ham / cheese 4.50
Two beef croquettes with bread 7.50
Two vegetarian croquettes with bread (v) 7.50
Two shrimp croquettes with bread 8.50
Eggs Ham / cheese 8.50
Rozenhof omelet (v) 9, -
Soup of the day with bread and butter 6,-
Tomato soup (v) with bread and butter 6,-


Spicy chicken salad 12.50
Salad with goat brie, apple and walnuts (v) 12,-
Salad with smoked salmon 15.50

We are open daily for lunch from 12:00 to 15:00.

Cocktail platter

Meat for 2/3 persons 16.50
Including matching bottle of wine, red or rosé 40. -

Vegetarian for 2/3 people 16.50
Including matching bottle of wine, white or rosé 40. -

Fish for 2/3 persons 19.50
Including matching bottle of wine, white or rosé 43. -

Delicious with a drink

Luxury pretzels / nut mix 6.50
Portion of cheese 5. -
Bitterballs with mustard (10 pieces) 6. -
Mixed snacks(10 pieces) 8,50