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The building at Nijmeegsebaan 114 dates from 1920, started as Hotel-cafe Oomen on the then Groesbeekscheweg Wijk B 227A. Until Oomen moved into his new business, he lived at 164 Stekkenberg A. 164, where, as a carpenter, he opened an inn in 1896. He had his drink law permit transferred to the new building in 1920. It is worth mentioning that at that time three other inns were located on the Groesbeekscheweg, now Nijmeegsebaan. A well-known stopping place was "Het Roode Hert", located on the corner of the "Almarasweg". The old building was demolished in the 1950s for the construction of a number of houses. There was also café "De Ploeg" of the A. Kaal family, Groesbeekscheweg 260, which was demolished in 1966.


The Oomen family sold the hotel café in 1953 to the A.J. Peters, who renovated and reopened the building under the name "Rozenhof". Over the years, the company has been renovated and modernized several times. After managing the company for 43 years, the A.J. Peters left the hotel in early 1996.


In 1996 the Vermeulen family joined our company, our parents. The name Rozenhof was retained and both the restaurant and the hotel flourished completely. The classic sole has become a favorite dish for many guests. After many beautiful years with many lovely guests and beautiful anecdotes, our parents handed over the company to us; Marcel and Diane Vermeulen.


Marcel has worked in the company for a long time. Diane occasionally helped. We became owner in 2007. The hotel rooms and restaurant were renovated in phases. The menu and dishes also changed with time. But the classic sole and our famous lobster soup are still on our menu. By combining old and new, Rozenhof keeps up to date without losing sight of the classics.